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Adapting to Change 



These are unprecidented times. The way we conduct our personal and professional lives has changed. Now is the time to to draw on personal resources for resilience. Now is the time to connect with our strengths for the benefit of ourselves and those for whom we seek to serve.


All of us will know someone or a group of people who are struggling. Even though it might not feel like it, adversity  can often be the catalyst for growth. We can aim not only to recover, but move on as changed and also stronger people. 


Get in touch now, if you would like a complimentary on line or telephone coaching session to help with you with your biggest challenge. 

Presentation Skills for The Inspirational Trainer

Speaking With Ease in Public

Having Conversations that Work


A sincere thank you for a  stimulating and enjoyable course last week. I found it to be fun, challenging at times but importantly, beneficial and thought provoking, and as I had hoped, the content and learning was about much more than building skills  to be an effective public speaker.  Some of the tools you provided will be of wider use to me in tackling the challenges that lie ahead, so all in all the day was a very positive experience.


Nigel Dicker - Head of Housing & Environment - Wycombe District Council


In my opinion, Peter is “the” fear of public speaking guru! I’ve been on presentation skills courses but they were nothing like this. Peter combined all sorts of elements to give a unique solution to my problem. With much gratitude to you Peter.


Caroline G, London