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Speaking With Ease in Public



Do you fear speaking in front of others? Are you the sort of person who dreads the prospect of any kind of public speaking? Does your mouth go dry? Does your mind go blank? Are you overwhelmed by nerves? Is speaking in front of others something that you either try and avoid or simply try and get over with as quickly as possible?


Alternatively, perhaps you’ve had quite a bit of practice, but feel that you are not connecting with your audience as well as you would like to? Do you worry about what message you are conveying apart from the words that you say?


If the answer is yes to any of the above, you are not alone. These fears are common to a great many people.


We offer a unique and refreshing approach that is delivered with both compassion and humour. You will learn to transform your own experience and that of your audience. Even you if you hate public speaking, you can learn to truly love it.... and so will your audience!


Be inspired...Inspire others..! 

Presentation Skills for The Inspirational Trainer

Speaking With Ease in Public

Having Conversations that Work


In my opinion, Peter is “the” fear of public speaking guru! I’ve been on presentation skills courses but they were nothing like this. Peter combined all sorts of elements to give a unique solution to my problem. With much gratitude to you Peter.


Caroline G, London