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In the past I struggled with a self-defeating belief that others were the ones with all the confidence and skills to communicate effectively and that I didn't have what it takes to be heard. With Peter's support I was able to connect with my authentic self and discover that I too have those skills. Peter's playful, grounded and warm approach enabled me to feel safe within a group, which in turn helped me to find the inner confidence to express myself assertively, clearly and skillfully at both work and in my personal relationships.

Catherine Rose, London



A number of years ago I presented a marketing strategy to a board of directors. I was interrogated on each of the slides; every detail was scrutinized. A presentation that should have lasted 45 mins ended up being several hours. I came out of the meeting shaking.  I felt the answers I gave just did not convince the directors. Even though this presentation took place years ago, the memory of the occasion still haunted me.  It was thanks to Peter – he was recommended by a friend - that I am now better prepared at dealing with similar situations. I would highly recommend Peter. For me, his training has helped build my confidence.

Tim Mitchell, Upper Hand Digital, Surrey



I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Peter to coach and support you through the any obstacles that are blocking you from going forward in business, work and also your personal life.

Catherine Rose, London



I often need to speak in front of others. It has, however, never been something that I have particularly enjoyed. As a result of the training I received from Peter, not only do I actually enjoy speaking, I regularly receive amazing feedback from my audience.

Rebecca Mckenzie, Herts



Although I have a great deal of experience in speaking in public and making pitches, Peter helped me enormously. As well as feeling more confident, I am now more aware of and have more control of my voice and body. The result is that  I am now able to easily create a more captivating presence. Other people have commented on the difference.  


I've recently been working in front of the camera to more actively promote my business. The crew commented on my confidence in delivery and most of the work was done in a single take. I took the time to remember some of the techniques Peter taught me and used these to focus on the job in hand.

Beth Upton - CEO Moneytree Fundraising



When I took on a new role of academic progress & student mentor for GCSE students, I wanted to find an innovative method to use with my students. Peter gave me a ‘values’ driven plan to utilise with the students. Understanding the values that drive each individual, allows the teacher to use a bespoke method to facilitate the student being able to motivate themselves. It enables the teacher to get the students to decide what action they will take to improve their academic achievement. Also, ‘Values in Action’ provides you with a new language that you can use to communicate with your student that transcends traditional academic subject terminology. This is a positive and proactive method that will assist any teacher looking for an effective way to mentor students.

Angela Neilson - History & Philosophy Teacher, Blackheath High School for Girls



I recently attended the "Overcome your fear of public speaking" with Peter Kershaw  with some in trepidation and anxiety and it was totally outstanding.  It was truly transformational for me!


I am an introvert and certainly not ever undertaken any public speaking previously.  Peter phoned me before the course and reassured me that I would be with likeminded people.

When we arrived Peter put us all at ease immediately. The initial focus was on the psychology of fear why we feel it and how the fear of failure adds to the fear itself. I could never give justice to Peter's explanation but suddenly there was a revelation for me and others. This was followed by simple practical techniques for reducing anxiety and of course lots of opportunities to see how our confidence was growing massively throughout the day. By the afternoon I was excited to speak. Suddenly something that had always been a real dread, even just in thought, became exciting and fun.  

Peter gave us so many different techniques and honest simple ideas.  We were all buzzing when we came out.  It was an amazing day and then just when I thought it was over Peter said he would be willing to give all of us an individual follow up session either face to face or on a call.  If you have the opportunity to go on the course you will not be disappointed. I can not recommend Peter highly enough.  


Tracey Robson MBA MSc


I have had a lifetime fear of public speaking that has held me back in both my professional and personal life.  I had no idea what to expect from the workshop and could never have believed how confident I would feel speaking in front of an audience by the end of it.


Peter made the day so enjoyable – I literally wasn’t bored for a minute. There was lots of really valuable information that I will use and the practical exercises built my confidence up to the point I needed no notes at all to speak by the end of the day and was actually happy to improvise!


I am almost looking forward to presenting now, which is somewhat short of miraculous and I feel that I can go out there and be myself.


In my opinion, Peter is “the” fear of public speaking guru! I’ve been on presentation skills courses but they were nothing like this. Peter combined all sorts of elements to give a unique solution to my problem. With much gratitude to you Peter.



Caroline G (London)



“After going to one of Peter’s outstanding workshops on public speaking my presentation skills have been totally transformed. Peter took the group through a series of steps to help us to learn why we fear and how to overcome it.  The day included a number of speaking slots where we put our learning into practice.  I can honestly say that the whole group were polished and natural speakers by the end of the workshop.  I recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to have the confidence to stand up and be themselves in front of a room of people.”


Karen McKeogh - Business Growth Studio 



I am extremely glad that I attended the day Public Speaking course with Peter Kershaw, which was enjoyable, supportive yet challenging.


The day was well structured and paced. We each received a booklet summarising the public speaking management strategies he covered. During the day, along with paired and group work, there were several opportunities for all attendees to address the group and increasingly make use of these strategies.


The experience and abilities of attendees varied greatly, but Peter was skilful in offering positive comments after each individual ‘performance’ to both encourage and develop the skills of each person.


He also maintained an inclusive, encouraging atmosphere throughout the day so that everyone left feeling they had moved forward. I would have no hesitation in encouraging anyone, regardless of their confidence or previous experience in public speaking, to attend a course with Peter.


Tanya Pugh


"Encompassing everything from tips for keeping anxiety at bay, to fun voice and body language exercises, the day was packed with tools for becoming a better and more confident speaker. There were also several opportunities for each of us to put the learning into practice in front of the group. 


Peter is a professional and highly knowledgeable course leader with a very supportive presence: individual advice on how to improve was always served with a generous side of praise and encouragement!


Sarah B"  


I learned in one day more than in years of teaching. I now understand the mechanics of my anxiety and how to handle it -- this alone is huge!  I  feel much more confident and resourced about taking up a speaking engagement because I now have a clear map of the elements involved, I own my strength and know what to do about my challenges. Beyond public speaking, I learned  about how to show up fully and authentically.  It was beautiful to see how everyone on the workshop blossomed in just a few hours. A huge thank you, Peter, for holding such a generous and supportive space, and making it great fun too!!  


Ioana Popescu - Teacher




This course taught me so much more than just about how to improve my public speaking skills.  I met interesting people from a variety of careers, which made the day all the more enjoyable and interesting. Essentially I benefitted from all-round coaching, whilst also getting much better at speaking and presenting. One of the best training courses I have been on.


Kate Elliott - Head of Sixth Form, Blackheath High School.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Peter Kershaw for his time andexpertise when I attended his "Fear of Public Speaking" course last week.  I was scared even to attend, knowing that there would be an expectation that Iwould have to stand up and speak but by the end of the day, I felt so much
more confident and I did it! I feel so much better equipped to stand up infront of people now and this is all down to Peter, his never ending patience
and experience. Thank you so much.
Juliette Harding, London.



Personally, I have always had an enormous fear of public speaking and with much trepidation attended Peter's speaking with Ease in Public workshop. I found the workshop hugely beneficial for me. It was great fun. It was innovative in its delivery and incredibly helpful to me in in building my confidence. A year on, the workshop still resonates with me now.  I continue to tap into my learning on that day. 


As HR manager, I was keen to roll this out in my organisation. Peter has run a number of these for us now. The feedback I have received from participants has been resoundingly positive. Staff have said that they enjoyed the different activities. They loved the fun and humour in the day and valued the way the whole group comes together to support each other. Participants have also said that they like the focus on identifying personal strengths, which has helped them significantly in building their confidence. I can see the difference this workshop has made. I would not hesitate to recommend this to other organisations.


Louise Cole - HR Manager - Chiltern District Council 


I used Peter's coaching services to help me find more direction in my career and ultimately transition to a new role.  Early on, Peter had some good ideas for exploring my character strengths and improving my focus through mindfulness.  As we narrowed down the focus of the coaching, Peter helped me identify and set meaningful goals that would bring me closer to where I wanted to be.  The biggest benefit was having Peter gently nudge me when I was procrastinating and help me overcome what was essentially a fear of the unknown.  And because he was available throughout the process by phone and email, I felt I could rely on him for useful feedback when I needed it.  The process culminated in several job interviews and ultimately a new position that I was very happy with.


R.F - London 

A sincere thank you for a  stimulating and enjoyable course last week. I found it to be fun, challenging at times but importantly, beneficial and thought provoking, and as I had hoped, the content and learning was about much more than building skills  to be an effective public speaker.  Some of the tools you provided will be of wider use to me in tackling the challenges that lie ahead, so all in all the day was a very positive experience.


Nigel Dicker - Head of Housing & Environment - Wycombe District Council


Peter came highly recommended and was engaged by St Mary’s University to deliver a number of workshops increasing leadership skills. Peter creates a safe space to explore ideas, conducive of learning and his workshops are valued by our staff. Peter offers a variety of models and tools stimulating others to reflect on their practice of leadership, whether they are in formal or informal leadership roles. The perspectives on leadership are anchored in positive psychology and positive organisation studies, offering, in our view, a greater value than the approaches of just overcoming weaknesses or focusing only on problems. 

Dominika Sarosiek - Organisational Development Consultant at St Mary’s University

Attended Peter's workshop on 'overcoming fear of public speaking'. The session was invaluable both for those in the group not used to speaking, and those of us who present more regularly. We learned how to engage an audience, calm pre-speaking nerves and really own the space on stage. I feel completely different since this fun and motivating all-day workshop, and much more confident. I can't recommend it highly enough, regardless of people's level of experience. Peter seriously knows his stuff, and I'll be going back for more.


Jon Ruddock - London