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I suffered the restrictions of poor health and lack of confidence for many years.  I am committed to showing others how anyone can learn to find their voice and  be the very best version of themselves, through a truly transformative experience. Anyone can learn to not only be inspired, but to inspire others, whatever your field of endeavour.


 I have around 20 years  years experience helping others discover their strengths and thrive. I have worked in business and for many years as a Psychotherapist and Employers Assistance Counsellor. I have also trained in various approaches to acting. I now specialise in helping others discover their voice and connect with their strengths.


I have enjoyed working with groups and individuals at all levels, in the fields of sport, education and business. I have helped individuals and teams with motivation, performance, role progression, communication and adaption to change. In other words, helping others be the very best versions of themselves. 


A member of the Association for Coaching, Association for Contextual Behavioral Science and Buckinghamshire Coaching & Supervision Network.

Peter Kershaw


"In the past I struggled with a self-defeating belief that others were the ones with all the confidence and skills to communicate skillfully and that I didn't have what it takes to be heard. With Peter's support I was able to connect with my authentic self and discover that I too have those skills. Peter's playful, grounded and warm approach enabled me to feel safe within a group, which in turn helped me to find the inner confidence to express myself assertively, clearly and skillfully at both work and in my personal relationships."


Catherine Rose, London