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Fear of speaking in public is a common fear for most people. This may take the take the form of mild anxiety. At the other extreme, we may avoid expressing our ideas completely. The consequences can be devastating. It has been said that fear of speaking in front of others is rated as a greater fear of actual death!


We offer an online training programme that enables individuals to be liberated from the restrictions that anxiety can bring. Alternatively, bespoke training can be provided on a one to one basis.


You will benefit from this course if you simply wish to be more confident around others. Other benefits include reducing overall social and generalised anxiety and increased sense of wellbeing. Others may find you more interesting to be around.



To book a one to one half day intensive course, please get in touch.

Why choose this course?



Attended Peter's March workshop on 'overcoming fear of public speaking'. The session was invaluable both for those in the group not used to speaking, and those of us who present more regularly. We learned how to engage an audience, calm pre-speaking nerves and really own the space on stage. I feel completely different since this fun and motivating all-day workshop, and much more confident. I can't recommend it highly enough, regardless of people's level of experience. Peter seriously knows his stuff, and I'll be going back for more.


Jon Ruddock - Consultant