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It was thought up until relatively recently that once we had fully developed, our brains were fixed. It was believed that was it. What sort of a brain we had at the age of say 25 was it.


Neuroscience tells us that this is not so. Many of us will be familiar with the concept of personal development, becoming more confident and competent. What we now know is that we can actually change the physical structure of our brains. How can this be done? The physical make up of the brain can be changed by how we think and behave. For example,using appropriate imagery has been shown to literally change brains. Every thought or image we have in our minds affects the physical structure of the brain. This in turn affects our actions, interactions with others and ultimately outcomes for us and other people. 


This means that we can definitely learn new skills and create more helpful positive and helpful feelings, with practice. Rather than thinking, ‘I’m not that sort of person’ it is more helpful to think in terms of ‘I can become..’  We can learn to become more creative and resilient, resourceful and productive.


I know this to be so from both personal experience and from the people I have worked with over the years. This has huge implications for any field of human endeavour; where it be Sport, Business, Health or Education.