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We have all encountered difficult people or had to have a difficult conversation. We have also all been a ‘difficult person’ in the eyes of someone, at some time. Bad relationships at work can be a source of huge stress.


As well as having a heavy personal cost, these situations can have an enormous impact on a business or organisation. They can lead to misery and have a profound effect on physical and psychological wellbeing.


The good news is that we can learn to transform our experience of these situations.


You will learn not only to resolve conflict but to prevent escalation of conflict and build healthy and productive relationships.


To book a one to one half day intensive course, please get in touch.

Why choose this course?


"In the past I struggled with a self-defeating belief that others were the ones with all the confidence and skills to communicate skillfully and that I didn't have what it takes to be heard. With Peter's support I was able to connect with my authentic self and discover that I too have those skills. Peter's playful, grounded and warm approach enabled me to feel safe within a group, which in turn helped me to find the inner confidence to express myself assertively, clearly and skillfully at both work and in my personal relationships."


Catherine Rose, London