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10 Tips for Assertiveness



1) Listen - Being assertive is as much about listening as speaking. It's important that the other person feels listened to, even if you do not agree with them.


2) Give yourself permission to say no, when you feel the need. Saying yes all the time, when you don't mean it can lead to difficulties later on.


3) Be aware of your body and how you are using it. How might others see you?


4) Respect yourself - Realise that you are worthy and have something to offer. Your ideas are important and others can benefit from them.


5) Ask for help  - It's ok to ask. Everybody needs help and feedback once in while. Be clear and specific about what you would like support with.


6) Give and receive compliments  -  If receiving praise is difficult for you, try giving a smile and a simple 'thank you'. When giving praise, be sincere and specific.


7) Respect others - Everybody has the right to express feelings and opinions. Assertion is not the same as Agression. Your relationships will be stronger, healthier and more enjoyable when they are based on mutual respect.


8) Be kind to yourself. Give yourself credit for small incremental changes in your levels of assertiveness. 


9) Remember, you have rights and so do other people.


10) Keep practising; at home, work, in shops and restaurants.