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Communicating in a way that allows us to fully express ourselves, be heard, noticed and respected are essential in both our work and personal lives. Speaking assertively is essential for healthy and flourishing relationships at work and home. A lack of assertion can be very damaging professionally and socially. It can also have catastrophic consequences for both physical and mental wellbeing.


Our courses show you how you can transform both how you experience communicating with others and how others experience you.


We have found that even those who would not have identified assertiveness as an area to improve on, have benefited enormously from assertiveness training.


Our assertiveness courses informative, safe and fun. We run a one and two day course. This course is also available as an intensive half day course on a one to one basis.


To book a one to one half day intensive course, please get in touch.

Why choose this course?


"A number of years ago I presented a marketing strategy to a board of directors. I was interrogated on each of the slides; every detail was scrutinized. A presentation that should have lasted 45 mins ended up being several hours. I came out of the meeting shaking.  I felt the answers I gave just did not convince the directors. Even though this presentation took place years ago, the memory of the occasion still haunted me.  It was thanks to Peter – he was recommended by a friend - that I am now better prepared at dealing with similar situations. I would highly recommend Peter. For me, his training has helped build my confidence. "


Tim Mitchell, Surrey